You are being skimmed. 

I often wonder why we accept less than we deserve, or why we have no clue as to what our actual value really is when it comes to our energy output. How much value do you add to the company you’ve put 1st place above yourself and your family? There is a way to determine that value. Think about it.
You can get a rough estimate of the value you bring to your employer by adding up your company’s profits in a given timeframe (usually fiscal year), subtracting company expenses, and dividing the total by the number of people your company employs. That’s on average the value of your energy you sell to the company you work for. 

So where is it??? Where is the rest of the money you deserve for your previously undervalued energy??? 

I call it skimming. You and the rest of your coworkers all give more than half of what’s fairly owed to you directly to your CEO and other top ranking members of the corporation you work for. Think about it.